Saturday, November 24, 2012

Episode 4 follow up/discussion

Now that episode 4 is now over, let's go through some of the highlights of it. Below you will find screencaps and other things you may have not noticed. Go past the break for the overview! Ignore the Hub logos...

Applebloom always dresses in style



Ermagahd! Flying!

Scootaloo is the master at hovering. 


What kind of cutiemark is that?

This is why you look before you sit.

That blush is so huge, it goes off her face.

Dat pumpkin

Do these two have nothing better to do than to follow the CMCs?

Derp bully

Limbo ponies

So cute!

Not the seeds!! Ah!!! The Seeds! They're in my eyes!!

Just the Doctor with a new companion

What horrors have I seen on this movie screen.

These 3D effects are awesome!

The Horror! The Horror!

Loving these references.

I think Scootaloo has gotten more air time in this episode than season 1 and 2 combined.


Blood will be shed this day...

Looks who's back. And we finally see where Sweetie Belle lives.

Giraffe time.

Goodnight Garry

BITE MY GLORIOUS, GOLDEN FLANK! I hope to see some golden SB/bender art in the near future.
or Sweet-3PO

Even Scoots can't deny how fabulous Sweetie Belle is.


Is it?

Nope. Someone should photoshop Chucktesta when she rubs away the grime.

So evil!!

So very evil!! 

Too cool for mule.

Dafuq Tiara 

Chillen like a villain

I though the Doctor hated pears.

Possible Derpy?

Veggie Salad!

"Why does life have to be so ironic!?" That hub logo might explain some things.

Shark bait! Whoo ha ha!

Just Scoots laying down some killer beats. Someone remix this.

Babs can't handle the beats.

Sweetie Belle, move over. There is a new Dictionary in town.

Wallpaper anyone?

When will the sadness end!?


A few things to note:

11:34, "That must be what Rarity uses on her emergency edible boots" wut

12:00-32, possible A-Team montage/music reference.

Between 15:27-16:45, about  15-17 different Bon Bons can be counted. Looks like Pinkie wasn't the only one to use the cloning pool.

I love this episode, even though the ending could be seen a mile away. Share your own screen caps, things you noticed, and your thoughts on the episode in the comments below.