Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nightly Megathread #31

Nightmare moon approves of late-night posting

This post now has 100% more Mike. With all my classes recently I've forgotten how to random. I'm sure this post will be a good refresher.

Mega Music Post #12

Complete the music lap before anyone else and you get a cookie!

1.) Nightmare Lyre - Cheerilee's Breakdown [Original Song]
2.) Twilight Sparkle's Mind Palace - 4/4
3.) On Nightmare Night (Bonus Track from Pinkenstein EP)
4.) Someday-Prism Ripple Cover REMASTERED
5.) Hush Now, Quiet Now (Cover)
6.) Glowing Lights - DJ Luna
7.) Radix-Thousand Chills
8.) Kyoga - Slender Me (Ft. Rhyme Flow)
9.) Atomizer [VIP] Redemption- Ibeabronyrapper and Skyline
10.) Like Sisters (By TheDashDub)

Made From Scratch - The V-Scratch Sessions

MandoPony has done it again. He has released another awesome song "Made From Scratch - The V-Scratch Sessions". Listen to it after the break!

Comic Post #25: Twilight's First Day #2 / Scarf Time! / Grayscale / Gone For Good? / MLP. Daring's Fall

MLP: Soon... by ~AniRichie-Art

Soon... she will have her shining episode. It will probably blow minds and melt hearts. I guess we'll all be dead in that case. inb4 Applejack is the villain in season three opener. Plenty of comics below, click read more, IF YOU DARE!

...err, just click it.

This Just In: Ponies Sell Tons of Merchandise

Okay, okay, so there's more to it than that.  But what this article is trying to say is that the brony phenomenon has lead to a huge amount of card and comic sales, and that marketing ploys like variant covers and special edition cards have only added fuel to the fire.  If you want to read the full thing, click on past the break...

Miniature Discussion post #11

CMC balloon-watchers yay! ...huh: this reminds me of that one EEnE episode with the balloon...

Today we're briefly going to discuss blog matters again, so put your thinking caps on and let's see what we can get!

Music : Sweetie-Bot's Master Plans / Stratum - Demure / Nigtmare Night has come

We got some more music headed at you. I am really liking #1. Don't know why, it just feels right. Listen to them after the break!

1._ Sweetie-Bot's Master Plans
2.) Stratum - Demure
3.) UnderKeel - Nigtmare Night has come

The Pony and the Car

                      Up next is an another animation featuring Wildfire/Sibsy and cars. Enjoy!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #24

Normally I'd put a Pinkie header but with all the Hurricane Sandy, East Coast, and all that, I thought I'd dedicate this post to the people going through all that.

Mashup: Sonoko's Pink Bombshell/ "Perfect Dark Gaia / Smile Smile Smile"/ love is in swagga

My mom's reaction to seeing other bronies...

I am happy, I'm feeling glad
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless, but not for long
The future is coming on*

Mashups are the name and 2 (or sometimes more) songs are their game... Do they pass... or do they fail? You can't be sure until you give them a stern listen to... Two Pinkies (One of them Wooden Toaster-influenced) and a Archie after the break!!

1. Sonoko's Pink Bombshell (Mashup)
2. Perfect Dark Gaia / Smile Smile Smile mashup
3. Archie vs. Dastik - love is in swagga (remix by DjMorgsch)

*Today is my own mother's birthday, so this is one of her favorite songs...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #23

The circle of life, and it moves us all! ...Oh jeez these Art posts always get me emotional... but you didn't come here to see me cry so go after the page break... unless you did come to see me cry...

Music: Come Little Fillies / Destroy them with Streamers / Night of Frights / Pinkie Promise

Music for people who listen to music.
Ponyfied version of "Come Little Children", dubstep Halloween music, some atmospheery(See what I did there?) music, and some Silent Hill Pinkie music (That game needs to happen already!)

1.) Come Little Fillies - Giggly Maria and BassBeastJD
2.) Destroy them with Streamers - Element6
3.) Radiarc - Night of Frights
4.) Seventh Element - Pinkie Promise (Reprise)

Deadman Ponyland

Good morning everyone! To start the day, we have an awesome ponified opening . This is the ponified opening for the anime "Deadman Wonderland". It is pretty intense. Watch it after the break!

Beyond Her Garden Music Video

It's time for some Beyond Her Garden! Prepare for WTF moments.