Friday, January 18, 2013

Nightly Megathread #110

Humanized Applejack... That's a double header right there!


Now, let's get dangerous!

Comics: Special Delivery/ Alternate Ending/ A show for little girls/ When Life Gives You Lemons

Fluttershy loves comics

Today's media seems to be heavily centered  on visual rather than acoustical content.
I'm fine either way. And you don't mind it, too, right?

One-parter comics below the break.

Artsy #137

Tears to fill the despair
dreams to hunt forever
so fill my cup with emptiness again
and chase those blackened dreams 

one more time

Seems like the shadows are back again.

MLP Coronation Concert and Clip

According to this Geekscape article there will be a promotional and exclusive "Coronation Concert" in Los Angeles... Which is apparently for ages 6-12... But in the commercial that goes with it, here seems to be at least one new scene, and some telephones out of nowhere, too.

Comic: Pinkie Pie Says--

Hi Pinkie. Whatcha doin'? Pinkie stuff, I assume? Good, good...

~Undead-Niklos released a new part of his popular series. Pink madness all the way.
Want to see what she did this time?

PMV: Changeling - All Levels at Once/ Alive/ Ponies' Resistance/ Danger Zone/ The Twilight (Sparkle) Zone

Applejack was the original diver of dreams...
Have some PMVs (with a side of a KH header from FPLOON)

An ALAO PMV from JuicedScout30min, a short PMV from Liftlok, a "Ponies Anthology" tribute from Bronynomous, a Muse PMV from John Lenox, an obvious PMV from 716NSD, and (as an added bonus) "The Twilight (Sparkle) Zone" from numb3r42...

1. [PMV] Changeling - All Levels at Once
2. Alive | PMV
3. My Little Anthology - Music Is Magic [PMV]
4. PMV - Ponies' Resistance
5. [PMV] Danger Zone
6. [PMV] The Twilight (Sparkle) Zone

Artsy #136

"You want to reform me?"

Header obviously chosen in view of the occasion.
And because it's cute... and Fluttershy... smiling...

Do you need a hint where to find all the other art? Take this.

"Princess Coronation"?

Now that's news. Either the episode's name has been changed to it's currently known form recently or someone derped. At least M.A. Larson himself seems surprised about that name.

Comics: MLP Comic/ Super Pegasi Delivery Service/ Wait, What?/ Planet Equestria/ Silver Linings

Sophisticated Twilight approves of comics.

We have quite a lot this time, including two ongoing series.
Don't let Twilight down and read some comics for your entertainment!

As always, after the break.

New details of the upcoming official comic releases

IDW seems to have released some new information concerning the FiM Comic Issue #6 and the Micro Series #3. There are covers, synopses and the release date they aim for.
Have a look at the article on The Round Stable for the details.

"Keep Calm and Flutter On" sticker on GetGlue

Whoa, news flood...
GetGlue stocked up on their sticker thingies and added this one. It says it's limited, though.
So check-in today to unlock it.

New "Keep Calm and Flutter On" preview!

As the title says. A new preview clip of the upcoming episode.
Find it after the break.