Friday, February 22, 2013

Nightly Megathread #145

*begins to rap on the mic*

Yo yo... What's up?
It's your mane man FPLOON!
And let me tell ya right now
this ain't my "afternoon"...

So, why don't ya take all ya comments
right pass the break...
And I promise that you won't find
that "Harlem Shake"...

(Another) Article on Bronies

Psssh, and only queen.

Looks like another article on a local news channel site has popped up. Generally subjective. I'll be sure to check back later and see any comments. Gotta love those. Find the article here!

Bring Out The Dancing Lobst-er I Mean Comics

References aside, let's dive into some comics... I'm sure you'll get that A-rank this time around...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #176

This post took forever. Hope you enjoy some valuable art.
(Please take your time, EqD...)
Of course, I knew it...

Happy Fun PMV Time

I'm now imagining Chrysalis with one of those freaky second mouths. In case you haven't noticed, no new episode means today could be a slow day. And since it's not like you have a life outside of this site (or is that just me?), why not watch some PMVs to pass the time?

Chianagirl Witch Doctor David Seville
Kopatych233 Happy Birthday The Click Five
Neal X I'll Be Guiding You Olivia Newton-John
xJames93 One Trick Pony (NSFW language) Mic the Microphone & Jackleapp
Shakeituprox15 They Don't Know About Us One Direction
Istilllikegamecubes Absolutely (Story of A Girl) Nine Days
ObsessiveBookworm Bleeding Out The Lone Bellow
Rene c Chaos is Rising Aviators (feat. Bronyfied)
GodsLittleBrony Indestructible Disturbed

IT'S DA MUZIK!!! (No Reference Intended)

This morning, I woke up
Feeling brand new and I jumped up
Feeling my highs, and my lows
In my soul, and my goals

Is it Vinyl or Octavia the pony mascot of music? I should post them both on my next music post or something... Anyway, here's some tasty licks for your ears to take in this hour...

1. Carbon Maestro Griffon Kingdom Orchestral
2. DannyBrony Rainbow Dash Remix for AcousticBrony and MysteriousBronie* Rock
*Based off this...
3. Radiarc The Way Classical**
**[Epic] Trailer Music...
4. Sim Gretina Where Rich Ponies Go (PonyFireStone Remix) Progressive Trance
5. arkantos4dead The Sound Of The Night Orchestral
6. TheGuyCalledFruity Pinkie Pie's Sugar Rush Drum & Bass
7. Nicolas Dominique Like Feather Trance***
8. Crystal Slave Fly With Me Dubstep
9. Delta Brony I've Got To Find A Way (Italo Liquid Pride Mix) Italo Disco 

(FPLOON Note: This is what the post title was referencing...)