Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Fun PMV Time

I'm now imagining Chrysalis with one of those freaky second mouths. In case you haven't noticed, no new episode means today could be a slow day. And since it's not like you have a life outside of this site (or is that just me?), why not watch some PMVs to pass the time?

Chianagirl Witch Doctor David Seville
Kopatych233 Happy Birthday The Click Five
Neal X I'll Be Guiding You Olivia Newton-John
xJames93 One Trick Pony (NSFW language) Mic the Microphone & Jackleapp
Shakeituprox15 They Don't Know About Us One Direction
Istilllikegamecubes Absolutely (Story of A Girl) Nine Days
ObsessiveBookworm Bleeding Out The Lone Bellow
Rene c Chaos is Rising Aviators (feat. Bronyfied)
GodsLittleBrony Indestructible Disturbed