Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Nightly Megathread #157

Relevant pic is relevant... also 'cause Pinkie.

Swat is here with an NM! Come off my post hiatus and make one on someone elses day too, they can't hold me down! Ok anyway, click after the break for some stuff and things that are cool and everything.

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

three meetings in a row,
i´s dotted and t´s will cross,
slide over... slide over
slide over~

Another day, another "The Music Hour"... This hour has so much variety in the music genres this time, I should be guaranteeing you that you will find at least one song to your liking... (except if you only listen to country and/or country-related music... I'm sorry...)

1. Mac.k Visible Darkness Progressive House
2. Alzea (nathin9procpm) I can finally fly away Soft Electronic (Vocal)
3. Daydream Anatomy Bab Seed (Daydream Anatomy Remix) Electronic
4. SherbetSix After All Trance
5. Zappa Fusion Scratch EDM
6. Oni Kidou Babs Seed (Bully Bounce Mix) Dance/Techno
7. Panics Loyalty (Remix) Synth-Trance
8. turkey255 It's All Over Piano (Electronic)
9. Coconeru Ponyville Winter Piano (Improve)
10. JoinedTheHerd Find a Way (Remix) Drum & Bass (Ambient)
11. Archangel Elements Orchestral
12. A Human Discord I Love All Night Long Metal
13. Sim Gretina & Feather Allons-y (Addictia Remix) Drum & Bass
14. Canapplejack Family Metal (Instrumental)


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Platonic-style Megathread: Feedback

*sighs* As we slowly bring you all a better pony site, we are always looking for feedback to how we can improve what we have in the meantime... To some, we are literally the first place you go to for the latest news and media-related stuff, with some of that stuff only being featured here at times due to our lack of a true standard filter (besides just no Rule 34/ Clop with slightly saucy and/or explicit/suggestive dialogue/theme sometimes acceptable). To others, you have been to other pony sites and found out that commenting and communicating with us mods was a more nicer and more interesting chance of pace... especially when all you want to do is RP in the comment section... *chuckles*

But, some of us mods have been contemplating if we are posting the right stuff at times... Sure, we have our own way of posting and even have posts just done by one of us mods (at times), but then why would we post something that no one would give a chance to check it out? Some of us are fine with posting stuff that we might not like personally (some more than others, I guess), especially the content that is sent to us via our e-mail or even in the comment section, but does that mean that we can't (at times) post what we like at times if no one would even look at the post, anyway?

("TL;DR" version and more after the break...)

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #188

All hail the creators, kneel down before them and stuff.
Or... Just keep them in mind. That's fine.
Look at some belated art. If that's okay with you...

My Little Pony: To The Moon

Galaxyart ponified the trailer of the (quite awesome) indie game To The Moon. You might have heard of it...

If you need some beauty in your day, look below the break or click the picture above.

Mashup With FPLOON (#MashupWithFPLOON)

i just dialed this number,
would you help me help me please,
i just dialed this number
with a phonebook on my knees,

It's time for another mashup hour with your #1 wizard of Discord's Domain FPLOON... And just as an added bonus, one of these mashups came from Soundcloud...

1. ClaviSound [Mashup] Bust a Pony - Bust a Move vs. Pony Swag
Fits like a swag... with added lyrics...
2. MrCrazyJp Flim Flam Brotherama
Traveling sales in the 31st Century...
3. LordPlagus777 Wings (Slam Jam Remix) - The Living Monty Gretina Quad City DJ Three Way
Slam with the greatness...
4. TheOfficialConcentio Good Feeling With Wings - Wings [TLT/EM/SG] & Good Feeling [Avicii] Mash-up
The title made the zing this time...
5. MaskedVidiot Lullaby for a Princess/Luna's Soliloquy Duet -Full-
It was like it was meant to be...
Bonus: szjdfgs Escape from the Cutie Mark [Crush 40 vs. MLP: FiM]
"Your destiny will make it through... Follow me..." -Celestia

Las Pegasus Unicon EQI Interviews

The folks over at Equestria Inquirer did some interviewing over at Las Pegasus Unicon... From Sibsy to Trevor, you can click on the the links below or check after the break to see how these interviews went down...

Sabrina Alberghetti
Maryke Hendrikse
Cindy Morrow
Sam Vincent
Trevor Devall

PMVs with @DiscordsDomain

Did you know we have a Twitter? You do now. Another smaller batch of ponies with music today. Enjoy 'em after the break.

mlpchatdotcom Shadows of the Night Pat Benatar
mlpchatdotcom Hunger ??? (Tell me below if you know)
mlpchatdotcom It's a Kind of Magic Queen
Cyber Flash I Knew You Were Trouble Taylor Swift
SkambahRoo Spectrum Florence and the Machine
PONYMITE Your Fault Plain White T's
Mickey strand Brave Heart Digimon