Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Platonic-style Megathread: Feedback

*sighs* As we slowly bring you all a better pony site, we are always looking for feedback to how we can improve what we have in the meantime... To some, we are literally the first place you go to for the latest news and media-related stuff, with some of that stuff only being featured here at times due to our lack of a true standard filter (besides just no Rule 34/ Clop with slightly saucy and/or explicit/suggestive dialogue/theme sometimes acceptable). To others, you have been to other pony sites and found out that commenting and communicating with us mods was a more nicer and more interesting chance of pace... especially when all you want to do is RP in the comment section... *chuckles*

But, some of us mods have been contemplating if we are posting the right stuff at times... Sure, we have our own way of posting and even have posts just done by one of us mods (at times), but then why would we post something that no one would give a chance to check it out? Some of us are fine with posting stuff that we might not like personally (some more than others, I guess), especially the content that is sent to us via our e-mail or even in the comment section, but does that mean that we can't (at times) post what we like at times if no one would even look at the post, anyway?

("TL;DR" version and more after the break...)

Now, to clarify, we do try to post the content that is literally sent to us via e-mail and/or the comment section... We do try to broaden the content we do feature here due to our lack of a true standard filter... But, then, what else can we do? That's mainly why this post exist... Want do you guys want to see more or less of? Can some of us mods post (at times) what we like to post? (I can see those two questions almost contradicting at times...) How could we improve on what we have now or what should be expanded more upon? If you are a commenter, let us know in the comments... If you are more of a "lurker" than a commenter, then you can still comment in the comment section below... Remember  just because we might not make post like these that often doesn't mean you can't still give us feedback either in the comments or by e-mail...