Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

three meetings in a row,
i´s dotted and t´s will cross,
slide over... slide over
slide over~

Another day, another "The Music Hour"... This hour has so much variety in the music genres this time, I should be guaranteeing you that you will find at least one song to your liking... (except if you only listen to country and/or country-related music... I'm sorry...)

1. Mac.k Visible Darkness Progressive House
2. Alzea (nathin9procpm) I can finally fly away Soft Electronic (Vocal)
3. Daydream Anatomy Bab Seed (Daydream Anatomy Remix) Electronic
4. SherbetSix After All Trance
5. Zappa Fusion Scratch EDM
6. Oni Kidou Babs Seed (Bully Bounce Mix) Dance/Techno
7. Panics Loyalty (Remix) Synth-Trance
8. turkey255 It's All Over Piano (Electronic)
9. Coconeru Ponyville Winter Piano (Improve)
10. JoinedTheHerd Find a Way (Remix) Drum & Bass (Ambient)
11. Archangel Elements Orchestral
12. A Human Discord I Love All Night Long Metal
13. Sim Gretina & Feather Allons-y (Addictia Remix) Drum & Bass
14. Canapplejack Family Metal (Instrumental)