Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nightly Megathread #118

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Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #148

Epic Header Edition.

Also, random nightly Artsy to clear my list for tomorrow. To my own surprise, it's even enough for a decent one...
So enjoy some late art today, I guess. "Keep Calm and Flutter On" still keeps spawning ridiculously cute art... At least the amount of Fluttershy is unusually high.

Madness after the break

Comics: Alicorn mystery/ Drawing things/ A Crystal Gift

Partially related. You'll see why.
Three comics for you this evening. Enjoy them. They might be the last comics you'll ever see...

Kilo Music Post

Yeah, it's not big enough for a Mega post...
Have some of that music y'all dislike to hear so much.

This time, there's an epic 12 minute long Trance journey dedicated to Screw Loose, made by the ever amazing Nicolas Dominique.
Then we have two Covers, one of Until the Sun and the other of Just Like You. Both covers are made by MsIkarishipper.
Continuing the post with a Trance-ish piece by CommandSpry, MichauDotCom's remix of Pinkamena's Return and some House for our favorite pink pony by Cub3x.

Find all this stuff after the break.
I know a few of you will...


So... one of the weirder things we've discussed while running this blog are these dress-up flash games... Might as well make a post about them.

Peter New to Fiesta Equestria

So many voice actors going to so many conventions these days! It looks like Peter New is a guest at a convention in Texas next June, called Fiesta Equestria. Check out the DHN article here, and check out the convention's website here!

HAPPY Birthday Sleepy

Head on past the break to celebrate |DO IT FILLY|

News and General Awesomeness

Today I will attempt to squeeze 20% more awesome per word in this post.
Have two links to people we found who made FiM animations recently (not sure if we had enough for an animation post anyway). Also, take a look at some insights directly from Sibsy. And after the break, find a nice little typography video, HDD's animate miami panel, and copyright update.

Top 25 Pony Videos of 2012

Thank goodness for these! I'd never have the time to see every Fim-related video in existence, unless maybe I made a browser optimized for the task... There's just a staggering amount of stuff out there.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #147

Now I stand alone
My heart is almost dead
Paralized in solitude
That's growing every day

Almost timely art after the break.

Music: From Saddle Arabia / Hush / Passin' The Time / Nightmare Moon / Ten seconds

Swat is back with music posts and he's gonna give only the most gangsta of tracks to ya... so obviously here's some orchestral music.

and on the other spots there's progressive trance, (Now initiating) smooth jazz, a euro boss battle mix, and some rap!

1.) From Saddle Arabia - Pony Empires Complete
2.) 3SPIRIT - Hush
3.) Passin' The Time
4.) Super Ponybeat Ultimate Cross - Nightmare Moon (Euro Boss Battle)
5.) (Lost) Ten seconds (featuring Malovolence)

Comics: Snowdrop Regeneration/ Friendship is Required/ Hot Fuzzy

Aw dang... You know a cookie is good if it makes you burst into tears...
Or the opposite. Huh.

Comics after the break.

Daniel Ingram sells his car

Daniel Ingram is selling his Black 2005 Volkswagen Passat for $11500. Interested and live near Vancouver? Go to the Craigslist page for more info and contact him. Pictures and specs of the car after the break.