Saturday, January 26, 2013


So... one of the weirder things we've discussed while running this blog are these dress-up flash games... Might as well make a post about them.
Having lots of flash games all running at once is quite compute-intensive, so there's a bunch of links:

Rainbow Dash
Discord Hooves
Spitfire (?)
DJ Pon3 (?)
Pinkie Pie
Derpy (extra Nyancats and monocles)
Nopony in particular, but very nicely animated

I've seen these sorts of things around the inter webs, but the only one I've ever played is Yoda dress-up... Anyways, give 'em a try, screen cap, and post results via imgur! Here's mine:

...Yeah... I haven't played this sort of game too often. Nyancat FTW!