Saturday, January 26, 2013

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #148

Epic Header Edition.

Also, random nightly Artsy to clear my list for tomorrow. To my own surprise, it's even enough for a decent one...
So enjoy some late art today, I guess. "Keep Calm and Flutter On" still keeps spawning ridiculously cute art... At least the amount of Fluttershy is unusually high.

Madness after the break

6 (source)
Pwnies, literally.

10 (source)
HNGGGGGGGG, Pony Pile...

15 (source)
Maybe she's cool. But also dyslexic. Her books are in braille.

18 (source)
Gah, how many deaths do I have to die yet?

62 (source)
Those two are related. Just sayin'.

76 (source)
Geez, anorexic ponies are cruel...

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