Friday, December 7, 2012

Nightly Megathread #69

It's an NM! Not much candy though... I'm so sorry. But there is possible 69 jokes! No one can resist those! Check it all out after ze break! Also Swatteam singing...

Spoilers! Sleepless in Ponyville speculation/discussion

In just a few more hours, possibly the most major character building episode in the history of FIM will air. This little orange filly will finally get the spotlight she deserves. This whole post is filled with spoilers, so don't go past the break if you don't want to get spoiled.

Animatiion: Derpy Havin' a Good Time Flyin'

Haven't met your daily quota of Derpy yet? no problem, we got you covered. head below the break now... |um... the break is this way|

Pinkie says Buenas Noches!

Another Friday night, another Pinkie Says comic. This time in multi-language. Next week Scootaloo was voted in to be the next guest! Should be fun! Read the latest Pinkie says here.

(Possibly Drunk) Interview for Andrew Francis and Peter New

Poor lighting, spastic camera, less than average audio? Not drunken interview at all. In any case, clicky past the break to see the VAs behind Shining Armor and Big Mac... um, let's just say they're talking.

New NEW preview pic from the Hub.

The Hub has once again released a new preview pic for episode 6. Go on past the break to view it.

Music: Bad Seed / Poor Unfortunate Princess / High Up Here

This has to be the best thing I've heard. So what are you waiting for, listen to it now!|Other music below the break|

Comics: No Muffins? / Metal Gear Derp / Improving Skills - Part 17 / Kindergarten Days 21 / Royal Duties / Look How Scared They Are

Lyra's New Costume by *DocWario

Is Bon-Bon in there too or is this more Lyra trickery? I'm beginning to think she's some sort of master illusionist... not because I have evidence, but because that sounds cool. Speaking of green unicorns with unconfirmed personalities, comics abound below.

Hardcore Brony

Check out this weird animation of a brony during the holidays. The thing is, there are probably bronies who actually do this. Anyways, check out the crazy after the break!

Doctor Whooves and the Assistant 3

The next installment of Doctor Whooves and the Assistant has finally been released. It also looks like it will be a while before the next one comes out. Anyways, go and enjoy your favorite time traveling duo after the break.

Interesting Tweet From Meghan McCarthy

You guys know that Meghan McCarthy person? She has a little job known as being lead writer on Friendship is Magic. About 25 minutes ago an interesting tweet just went up.

This tweet not only indicates Meghan has written tomorrow's episode, but also an interesting fact about production: writer's cannot read fan fiction. Now, this is possibly only on a personal level with McCarthy, but it could also be Hub/DHX rule. What do you guys think? Is it a good thing Meghan and possibly other writers of the show are not exposed to our original ideas? Let everyone know in the comments below!

New Preview image via the Hub

The Hub has just posted a new preview pic for Episode 6.  Go past the break to view it.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #79

 Twi seems right at home in the water... Is she a seapony in disguise!?

More art after the break and yada yada yada

FIM Comic Issue #2 preview pages plus preorder on iTunes

iTunes has the next issue of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic up for preorder, and they have put up a short preview for the issue of the first few pages. You can preorder the comic at iTunes. Preview images for issue #2 can also be found on the same page, so be warned. Thank you TRS for the heads up! Preview image can also be found past the break.

Episode 6 sticker on GetGlue

For those who have been collecting the MLP episode stickers from GetGlue, now is your chance to get the latest one. They are free as always. Go here to check out the sticker.

Animtion : Magic Duel: Let's fighting love.

WARNING!!!! INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL FOR SOME VIEWERS! SHIPPING! AKWARDNESS! EEWWW! I actually don't care for the whole "shipping" thing. And I know some people are definitely not fond of it.  So for those who are not, turn back! The only reason I am posting this is because the animation is pretty good and the ending is hilarious. But seriously, PG-13. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Comics : How Trixie Rolls / Rarity's Glasses / Dash Academy 5 / Thinking with Sonic Rainbooms / Derpy tells a joke

Have some comics. We got wheels, detective work, the next installment of Dash Academy, RD with portals, and jokes! Read em' after the break!

Hot Topic Everything 20% Off, Plus buy one get one 50%

It seems like Hot Topic is having a huge sale today. 20% Off entire site today online only plus EVERYTHING is Buy One, Get One 50% Off. And this includes items already on clearance. So if you ever decide to buy pony merch at Hot Topic, today would be the day. Get in on all the savings here.

Spoiler! Apple Family Reunion Extended synopsis

AT&T Uverse has just revealed the extended synopsis for Episode 9 "Apple Family Reunion". If you don't care about spoilers, go past the break.