Friday, December 7, 2012

Spoilers! Sleepless in Ponyville speculation/discussion

In just a few more hours, possibly the most major character building episode in the history of FIM will air. This little orange filly will finally get the spotlight she deserves. This whole post is filled with spoilers, so don't go past the break if you don't want to get spoiled.

As always, first is the synopsis.

After listening to Rainbow Dash's frightful campfire stories, Scootaloo begins having nightmares, but doesn’t want to admit that she is a scaredy-pony.

So we already know Scoots is going to be stubborn and not tell anyone.

Next, the only video we have of the episode.

We all saw Luna, right? Does she just stroll through ponies dreams for the heck of it!?

Looks like it is a sister camping trip. Then explain Scoot and RD. I wonder what will happen...

I gotta ask, what do you guys think that thing by the fire place is.

And of course,  scaredy-ponies.

NOTE, the following are just screen caps of commercials and may or may not be connected to the episode.

Possibly her being happy to be rid of the nightmares? 

Maybe whatever is in the chest will help Scoot with the nightmares.  

I do believe this is the smallest amount of spoilers we have ever had for an episode.
Honestly, this episode could go so many ways. Many of the endings could be wonderful or bad. Here is how I think it may happen.

   The CMC and their respective counterparts go camping. And we already know RD tells the CMC a scary story by the campfire, in which Scoot takes it the worst. Scoot then has nightmares for the duration of the night.

   This is where it could go either way for good or bad. Do they stay in the woods and camp for the entire episode, or do they go home after the first night. I don't see how Rarity could stay for more than one night, so there is still hope we get to see where Scoot lives and or parents.

   I am going with that they don't stay in the woods for the whole episode. We already know Luna has some role in this episode, so they have to go see her somehow. Is it because Luna is the ruler of the Dream World? If so, she would be the one who could solve dream related problems. Maybe she tells the CMC that the only way to deal with the nightmare is to tackle it head on or just believe it isn't real. Maybe Luna tells the CMC to go on a quest to go find some object to help Scoot clear her mind, hence the treasure chest scene in the commercial. I guess since Celestia already called dibs on the Mane 6, maybe Luna gets to send the CMC on quests.

   Honestly, I don't have much of an idea on how the episode will end, except for the fact that Scoot will get rid of her nightmares. And what of RD and Scoot? The episode is a parody of "Sleepless in Seattle", which is kinda a love movie. Will RD finally see herself as the sister role model that Scoot sees her as? Will RD not be a complete jerk in this episode? What will this episode mean for the rest of the show? Will we see Scoot's house and parents? Is Luna the dream master? So many questions!!!

As for the friendship/moral lesson, it will probably be somewhere along the line of, "Don't be afraid of telling your friends your problems. If they are really your friends, they will understand and not make fun of you".

Anyways, I had troubles with this one, so give your theory on how the episode will play out!