Friday, December 7, 2012

Comics: No Muffins? / Metal Gear Derp / Improving Skills - Part 17 / Kindergarten Days 21 / Royal Duties / Look How Scared They Are

Lyra's New Costume by *DocWario

Is Bon-Bon in there too or is this more Lyra trickery? I'm beginning to think she's some sort of master illusionist... not because I have evidence, but because that sounds cool. Speaking of green unicorns with unconfirmed personalities, comics abound below.

1. No muffins? by *Coltsteelstallion

I never liked fancy restaurants either Derpy. At the same time, I've never liked muffins either... unless we're talking english muffins.
2. COMIC: Metal Gear Derp by ~HatBulbProductions

Don't you dare put the immaculate Snake in the same comic as Gameloft! Kidding, but not...
3. Improving Skills - Part 17 by *BCRich40

The series has been going on for a while, and the entries are long enough to be stand-alone almost. You can check out the whole series if you're interested, anyway.

Also, dat wing boner.
4. Kindergarten days 21 by ~CIRILIKO

Kidnapping Kong? Sadly, I'm sure a percentage of people will be fine with the situation because Luna didn't get stolen. Poor best princess Celestia.
5. Royal duties by ~schnuffitrunks

...ok, maybe Celestia isn't being a little mean.

inb4 infamous fanfic.