Saturday, January 19, 2013

Nightly Megathread #111

Discord Gentleman by ~IceBreak23

Well, we've had a fantastic day with Discord antics and EQD birthdays, but now it's time to wind down and have a nice sleepy time. Anyone else have a three day weekend? Woo! Always love 'em. Go talk about your hopes and dreams after the break. Oh, and in honor of Discord, the rest of the Nightly is written backwards. ¡ʞɔnl pooפ

Artsy #139

Saturday grimdark challenge by *MadHotaru (excerpt_3)
Lyra appreciates [Dark] headers.
Softly on the path you fade
In shining darkness
On the path you fade
And when the forest grows dark

Find lots of cute art after the break.

Brony Documentary is LIVE!

The long awaited, originally titled "Bronycon Documentary", is finally out for everyone to see! While it'll probably pop up on youtube in a matter of time, a stream might be going on soon as well. And if you can't wait for either of those, maybe just go buy it yourself.

Go check it out if you want to learn about, well us I guess.

Digital Download

Keep Calm and Flutter On Screencap Madness!

Welcome to Trig's episode follow up. Head past the break for silliness and tons of Discord!

PMV: Sweetie Bot in the Year 32X/ My Little Pony - Chocolate Rain/ MLP: Bass Down Low/ She's Always A Woman/ MLP vs The Chwytak - Łyka wódy daj (polish Gangnam Style)

*two hours ago*
Looks like we got a short PMV from TheDanielsaur staring Sweetie Bot!!
*post time*
You think one's enough for you? Well, THINK AGAIN! We also have a discorded PMV from SneWhiteFox, another short PMV this time from WilliamLanovec, a PMV for Twilight Sparkle from CRJflyer, and a polish Gangnam Style PMV from klashyyk...

1. Sweetie Bot in the Year 32X
2. My Little Pony - Chocolate Rain [PMV] - Discorded!
3. [PMV] MLP: Bass Down Low
4. (PMV) She's Always A Woman
5. [PMV] MLP vs The Chwytak - Łyka wódy daj (polish Gangnam Style)

Babble with Bronies LIVE

Babble With Bronies, the illustrious content-based live show is going live as we speak! So make sure to get in there and babble, among other things. 

Artsy #138

1 (source)

A header for an Artsy that isn't dark? I make my headers whatever genre I want. YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER ME, SLEEPY! Ahem... Now isn't this one cute? A motherload of art after the break.

Original Title of Today's Episode Revealed/Other Neat Tidbits

Hm... Didn't Lauren Faust work on something with a title similar to that? ... Is Discord the new Goo?
...And in other news, did anyone notice the new writer? More about that after the break.

Music: The Adventure Unfolds/ Sugarcube Corner/ The Last Drop ( ft. Giggly Maria )

3 songs this time. We have an orchestral piece from Radiarc, a Pinkie vocal-slicing Dubstep track by Warptex and a sad Electro Vocal song by GatoPaint.
The latter contains death and suicide in a tragic context. Be warned, but listen to it. Lyrics provided in its description.

Find them songs after the break.

Magical Mystery Cure Episode Synopsis

The synopsis for episode 13 is on Zap2it! For everyone who worries about spoilers I have shielded it from thine eyes! But that tantalizing "Read more" button is too tempting so click it anyway.