Saturday, January 19, 2013

Keep Calm and Flutter On Screencap Madness!

Welcome to Trig's episode follow up. Head past the break for silliness and tons of Discord!

Pinkie's hoof is a portal to Equestria... in a completely roundabout way.

I always liked pie to go with my marshmallow. 

Princess Celestia, look! I made Twilight's tail into a bow tie!

Discord looks like he was turned to stone warming his hands by a fire.

See what I mean?

Season One: Bow respectfully upon greeting the princess.

Season Three...


RD: Ooooooh, a finger. 

Oh gawd... the splinters.... they burn...

"Now where is Fluttershy?" Joking aside for a second, how many times has Celestia actually said the individual ponies' names besides Twilight? I can't really picture her ever saying Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie. After I'm finished with this I feel like re watching all episodes with Celestia and finding this out. 

Fluttershy needs a little help from the audience. Applejack never communicated well with gophers.

Applejack's best duck face. 6/10. Also, the trees look like butterflies. #omgforeshadowing

Anyone ever notice Celestia has Rarity's cutie mark on her crown and necklace? Looks like the princess has a secret favorite pony. Also, dat wing...?

"You may release Discord when ready."
Twilight: Okay, so... never. *trollface*

^ The average student after finals week ^

Double rainbow all the way across the Twilight...

Tattoos are now canon, though I never expected the first one to be on a squirrel.

Grandma, not in front of my friends!

This is not as creepy as it should be.

I can't be the only one that thought Rainbow said "Dick-cord" for a second.

 There was a lot of wall breakage this episode. I really wanted to help Fluttershy here.

...and this is probably my favorite breakage. Ever. Pinkie Pie is not amused with Discord's 4th wall skills. 

It was a good day.

Did Rainbow Dash just make air quotes with her hooves? I'm pretty sure that makes parenthesis instead.

"That's what she said" Please don't have this become a meme.

Still scarier than King Sombra what whiners will say even though I liked Sombra.

Foreshadowing beavers #1. Spoiler: I missed all of these hints my first time through.

Ghetto ladder much Twilight?

Possible obscure shipping hints in the background?

Discord is Equestria's Harvey Dent/Two Face. Except he starts evil but turns good, not the other way around.

Foreshadowing beavers #2.

And foreshadowing Beavers #3. Please tell me someone else didn't see any of these. Also, Rainbow Dash, where's your element? I thought- oh, wait that's Spike. He never did get officially demoted back to Spike status.

How many different tongues does Discord have?!

Did Fluttershy just call RD "Dashie"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that's the first time someone has called her that nickname in the show besides Pinkie Pie. They should use that name more often.

Vectorize this one, stat!

Beauty and the Beast much? I'm assuming that is supposed to translate to Discord and Angel, respectively.

Apples. God I love Apples. Apples. 

The Apple Family - the only business with enough foresight to make buoyant, multi-pony sized buckets.

Apple juice...

 Water! Either that, or the lightning in this scene changed dramatically.

"Such language" Fluttershy, they meant dam, not damn!

Rarity had the best response: "Well, only in the sense of being silly... and gullible."

Necklace boop!

Because that's how I angle my feet when I stand straight.

The fun has been tripled!

God these laces taste amazing.

"He fixes this or he goes back to being stoned." Wait, I didn't know this episode was about Discord' rehab. In that case, that wasn't the most appropriate speech Twilight. No wonder you're a librarian and not a psychiatrist.... oh wait.

Never thought I'd see the day. "Well played Fluttershy, well played." I actually freaked out more at that quote then the "Friendship is magic" at the end.

Giving the elements for the ponies to keep on them at all times? Wait, Celestia does something that makes sense for once?


Celestia's face at "He can be a real sweetheart once you get to know him." Best Princess.

I knew Tabitha was talented but this is other worldly. 

I still don't think Discord's reformed though. He's always been deceptive, and I don't see why this is any different. And the way he flinched when Celestia told Twilight to keep the elements on hand just in case makes me feel that his evilness has not left. 

And I guess that's all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed my spin on the episode follow up for Season 3 Episode 10. Have a nice night!