Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nightly Megathread #47

Okay... So, I was talking with FPLOON a few hours ago about his (what I now call) obsession with King Sombra. As his awakened Persona, I was kinda worried that he might want to try dark wizard magic to more he talked about it. I don't know... Maybe it's nothing, and I should start this NM before the "TLDR"s start popping up...

This page break is not your precious...

Songs: I'll Fly / Friendship is a Miracle / Chrysalis

by ~strangeside

Songs are just below the break, |quick, go past it...|

Music: Pony Space/ New Lunar Republic/ A Brave New Fluttershy/ Discord's Return

I'm a pale imitator of a boy in the sky
With a cap in his head and a knot in his tie
I'm the light in the mall when the power is gone
A shadow in a corner
Just playin' along!

4 awesome songs, each of different genre of music... Check them out!!
(I wish I could "instant download" them all...)

1. Resonantwaves - Pony Space
2. Carbon Maestro - New Lunar Republic (An Orchestral Soundtrack)
3. GaugeN - A Brave New Fluttershy
4. [Alt Metal] Cyril the Wolf befriends Pinkie Guy - Discord's Return

Comic Post #48: Too Many To List...

King Sombra by *Danton-Damnark

The more I watch The Crystal Empire, the more I appreciate Sombra's role for what it was. He was all about egging on Twilight and Spike's story, not his own. Something different. I sense a rant. Meanwhile, comics, and a whole mess of them. Head past the break for nine comical images.

Ok, maybe eight. One is a repost due to a tag derp. Still a "NEW RECORD!" - Toad.

Giddy Up - Network Musical Ensemble

You know that catchy song that plays in the background of most of the FIM Season 3 commercials. Well, now you can listen to the whole thing, unedited in it's originality! And surprisingly enough, it actually has lyrics besides "Giddy up"! I see this getting remixed in the near future. Like, remixed 100 times in two weeks. Listen to it after the break!

Winter Moon Celebration Convention Cancelled

A while back, we posted about a convention taking place in Atlanta, Georgia called Winter Moon Celebration. It has come to our attention that now this convention is now cancelled. Hasbro forgot about this event until they attempted to sign up some voice actors. Go past the break for message from the staff of the Winter Moon Celebration. 

My Little Pony Portal v2 for Windows Phones

Those of you who have Windows phones rejoice! One of the best pony apps out there has been updated and better than before. Everything a brony needs is in this app! Think of it as a universal remote. But with ponies.

See the developer's site here or go past the break for the change log.
See the full article on it here.

Plushies and Customs #4

Whelp. I better board all my doors an windows shut, hire some bodyguards...
Aw who am I kidding. A whole fortress with an army wouldn't do a thing.

Non-deadly plushies after the break.

Music: Flutter Like A Boss/ Miles/ Equestrian Space Rock (OB-BGM Remix)/ Lyra Everywhere

Shigoto no ato ni
me ga sameru
Nani ka shinakucha
Shigoto no ato ni~

Musical variety awaits you after the break... From electronic Fluttershy, to vocal, to remix, to... uh... whatever classifies #4 besides Lyra... "Baroque pop"? I don't know...

1. Flutter Like A Boss (full)
2. Miles - dBPony (feat. EileMonty)
3. Equestrian Space Rock (OB-BGM Remix)
4. Lyra Everywhere - Hergest Ridge feat. Vivace Capriccioso

Mashup: Level Split/ Diabetic Panda vs. Aviators (RC Mashup)/ Flutterslam (Quad City DJs vs. SoGreatAndPowerful/PinkiePieSwear)/ Psy - (Pony) Gangnam Style (Slic3skills Gala Mashup)

I'm feeling the obvious irony setting in...

If this was the last dance of the night 
Will you join me til the morning light? 
Dance the night away cause it feels right 
You can't stop me, no-o-o

What is this? Another format of music to post upon?? (And there were other mashups I missed out on???) I don't know if any of us can do this right now, but that won't stop me from trying. So, prepare for a mashup post with all of the songs coming straight from Soundcloud after the break...

FPLOONinal Note: If you have any problems with the Soundcloud enbeds, then click on their song titles below and let us me know what you think of any change in format in the comments below...

1. Level Split by CHANG31NG
2. Diabetic Panda vs. Aviators (RC Mashup) by Rainbow Cupcakes
3. Flutterslam (Quad City DJs vs. SoGreatAndPowerful/PinkiePieSwear) by SAMPLEJAMMER
4.Psy - (Pony) Gangnam Style (Slic3skills Gala Mashup) by Slic3skill

Spoilers/Discussion: Season 3 Episode 5 speculation

If you don't want to see any spoilers, turn back now. In this discussion, I will list all the current previews and possible pics of this episode and I will give my speculation on the possible theories on what may happen in Episode 5 of season 3.  Go past the break for spoilers and over thinking theories.

Fanfic: The Upside to your Backside

[Comedy] [Random] [Slice of Life]

Rumble's got his cutie mark! Yay!
And he's hiding it.  He doesn't seem too happy about it.  Yay?
Making his way to the library for some advice from Twilight, Rumble must now come to terms with the talent that Fate has bestowed upon him.  
Easier said than done when your cutie mark is an embarrassing one.
Submitted to the second Author Support Writing Prompt, with the theme "You are

Which TV Show Has the Best Fans poll on TVGUIDE

TVGUIDE is having a poll for the most dedicated and best bases, and FIM is on the list. Go here to cast your vote. You must make an account to vote. Currently Buffy the Vampire Slayer is in the lead with over 2000 votes. MLP is almost dead last with 200.

Artsy-Wartsy Post #46

GET TO DA CHOPPAH! Normally I'd say the person in this situation is done for but c'mon this is Pinkie we're talking about here. Of course when she comes back alive, people can only speculate how she did it. I feel another "How Equestria was made" story comin' on!

Equestria Inquirer #45

Equestria Inquirer has just submitted another edition to their off-the-wall, hypothetical pony newspaper. Check out written edition #59 here, or if you prefer to watch your pony newscasts, feel free to head past the break and see their 45th video version below.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Game review by MTV Geek

The people over at MTV Geek have written up their own review on the new MLP game for mobile devices.  The article seems to be pretty tame, considering most of the other reviews being made. Go here for the full article.

Karaoke: Success Song

For those who just love to sing MLP songs, but may not remember all  the words, there is some good news.
Up next is the Karaoke version of Success song. It comes with all the lyrics, so you don't have to remember.
I give it a week before it is memorized.

Twitcha Twitch Yay

Have a nice little early morning Pinkie Pie animation. It is made from crayons, but that is what gives it's unique charm. Watch it after the break!