Thursday, November 15, 2012

Spoilers/Discussion: Season 3 Episode 5 speculation

If you don't want to see any spoilers, turn back now. In this discussion, I will list all the current previews and possible pics of this episode and I will give my speculation on the possible theories on what may happen in Episode 5 of season 3.  Go past the break for spoilers and over thinking theories.

First, lets start off with the synopsis.

My Little Pony : Magic Duel

S03, E05()
When Trixie returns to Ponyville, she defeat Twilight and banishes her from town.

Next, lets look at some screen shots of the upcoming episode.

Obviously Trixie gets a little more hard core when it comes to bragging/taking over.

Next, we have the possible Trixie image that was given a few months back.

In this pic, when can see Trixie wearing a necklace of some sort. Could it possible be an element of diharmony!?
Or perhaps it is something else. The necklace also bear a similar color to a certain villain.

The last time we saw him, he was getting blown to bits, with a piece of his horn flying away. But we already know he can control parts of his body that are separated from him, or at least his horn.

Up next are some scenes from the hub commercial. 

In this pic, you can tell that Twilight is also wearing a necklace, but whatever is at the end of it, it is green.

The only element of harmony the would symbolize green is the element of Kindness, even though the actual necklace itself is pink. Plus, the loop around Twi is different then what an element necklace would be like.

For some reason, Twi turns Applejack and Rarity into little fillies. Perhaps to outdo Trixie in a magic duel?

So what can you make of all of this?

This is my theory. Perhaps the horn just happened to fall where ever Trixie was. The horn, being evil, transforms into a necklace. Promising great magical power and the chance for revenge against Twi and her friends, Trixie wears the necklace and goes to Ponyville. With her new found power, she beats Twi in a magical duel, and for whatever reason, banishes Twi. She then proceeds to take over Ponyville. Judging by the dark pic of Ponyville, one can presume that the necklace may have influenced Trixie's thoughts, because she was an antagonist, but she really wasn't evil. 
After Twi has been banished, she seeks out help to stop Trixie, specifically to help her win a magic duel against her. 
Sometime in the episode, Twi gets hold of a green necklace. As far as we can tell, it is more than likely not an element of harmony, but it may increase her power somewhat. With her new power, she heads back to Ponyville to duel Trixie one last time. After an intense battle Twi wins, and hopefully breaks the necklace's grasp on Trixie.

There are two changes I would make to my theory.

Perhaps Trixie just went looking for some way to get more powerful than Twi. When she did, she came across an element of disharmony or some other ancient artifact that gave her more power. And maybe Trixie is just plain evil, or she let revenge get the better judgment of her.
 And lastly, what if the necklace Twi had didn't actually help her at all, but was given to her but someone who knew Twi had the ability to beat Trixie, but knew she needed confidence. so the pony/being gives Twi the necklace, telling her it will
strengthen her magical powers.

Fell free to discuss your own theories in the comments!
Also, what possible friendship lesson could Twi learn from this?
Maybe to not abuse your friends in magical duels?

Since it will be a little while before this episode airs, and because we know there will be plenty of spoiler previews before then, we will post another discussion the day before the episode airs.