Thursday, November 15, 2012

Comic Post #48: Too Many To List...

King Sombra by *Danton-Damnark

The more I watch The Crystal Empire, the more I appreciate Sombra's role for what it was. He was all about egging on Twilight and Spike's story, not his own. Something different. I sense a rant. Meanwhile, comics, and a whole mess of them. Head past the break for nine comical images.

Ok, maybe eight. One is a repost due to a tag derp. Still a "NEW RECORD!" - Toad.

1. COM: The Experiment by ~AniRichie-Art

Is this why everyone has been so afraid of the incoming alicorn Twilight? Well, if everyone's super, no one will be after all. Even less screen time for Luna I'm assuming...
2. Work time! by ~CIRILIKO

I have been getting sacks of potatoes lately, but that may be due to the Apeture Science Labs that reside next door.
3. MLP - Sombra is Annoying (Comic) by ~FireBrandKun

The sky, the head falling off due to rock projectiles... is anyone else reminded of the final boss of Luigi's Mansion?
4. Rainbow's Advice by *wildtiel

Maybe we should get a pegasus like Scootaloo to try their hoof at skydiving... oh wait, semi-pegasi don't qualify.
5. To the Crystal Empire by ~MrBastoff

Is it wrong that from the moment we heard about crystal ponies I hoped this would pop up?
6. Wait, why the giant scythe? by ~BestSeller-Microtech

I get the sense that this is the "vengeful" Trixie from EQD's Trixie poll. I voted for that one.
7. DAY XIII - Percentage Comic by *CzudakX

For some reason, I automatically read that as "Comrade Trixie." Trixie is either above or below all else. Never an equal.
8. Crystal Slaves by *shuffle001

Would've waited still the comic got a lil' more polish, but it looks like this is the final product. The joke is hilarious... and admittedly relatable.
9. Where the Rainbow Grows by ~Ardail

Irrelevant nature shot is best preview image.