Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Little Pony Portal v2 for Windows Phones

Those of you who have Windows phones rejoice! One of the best pony apps out there has been updated and better than before. Everything a brony needs is in this app! Think of it as a universal remote. But with ponies.

See the developer's site here or go past the break for the change log.
See the full article on it here.

It seems though that they currently have no intention of making an iOS and Android versions of the app, so don't go asking them.*throws iPhone* They the creator(s?) have rebuilt it from the ground up and made it more efficient than before. As seen in the image above, it has convenient links to some of the best pony sites out there! (DD not is not in there. We are not what you call "popular." Yes. Shocking.) You can find all you favorite pony music, videos, episodes, and radio broadcasts in this handy app.

Here is the copypasta of the update log.
  • Rebuilt from scratch
    • GUI Overhaul: Entire app simplified, FAR less navigation, closer follows Windows design principles
    • Tiles: Technology changed, now align beautifully
    • Code: Optimized, more than 20% faster
    • Integrated into Music+Videos Hub, resumes Music/Radio pages when clicked
  • Main Page
    • Music, Radio and Cloudsdale Tiles updated
    • Background quality improved
    • About Information (including Credits and new Changelog) pushed to AppBar, appears in beautiful pivot with cute pony
    • Some prominent tiles can now be pinned to Start
    • NEW: Others segment for non-mobile, Flash, and non-English websites
    • NEW: Added a RSS Mode (under protest)
  • Music
    • All music now appear in ONE pivot page
    • Season 3 added
    • Added a Progress Bar to indicate if a track is buffering
  • Radio
    • NEW: iBrony, Everypony, Luna, and Fillydelphia Radio
    • All radio stations now appear in ONE pivot page
    • Links to station websites, playlists, Twitter, and Facebook added
    • Stupid Seek buttons in Volume Control disabled
    • Added a Progress Bar to indicate connecting to stations
  • Twitter/Facebook/YouTube
    • Entire system revamped, now pulls a list of Twitter accounts, displays and links to infinity times more channels and pages than before and can be updated from my server
  • Browsers
    • Major stability fixes
    • Added a Progress Bar to indicate if a page is still loading
  • Settings (NEW)
    • Added an option to hide System Tray while in app
    • Added an option to try and force desktop site instead of mobile site for websites