Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mashup: Level Split/ Diabetic Panda vs. Aviators (RC Mashup)/ Flutterslam (Quad City DJs vs. SoGreatAndPowerful/PinkiePieSwear)/ Psy - (Pony) Gangnam Style (Slic3skills Gala Mashup)

I'm feeling the obvious irony setting in...

If this was the last dance of the night 
Will you join me til the morning light? 
Dance the night away cause it feels right 
You can't stop me, no-o-o

What is this? Another format of music to post upon?? (And there were other mashups I missed out on???) I don't know if any of us can do this right now, but that won't stop me from trying. So, prepare for a mashup post with all of the songs coming straight from Soundcloud after the break...

FPLOONinal Note: If you have any problems with the Soundcloud enbeds, then click on their song titles below and let us me know what you think of any change in format in the comments below...

1. Level Split by CHANG31NG
2. Diabetic Panda vs. Aviators (RC Mashup) by Rainbow Cupcakes
3. Flutterslam (Quad City DJs vs. SoGreatAndPowerful/PinkiePieSwear) by SAMPLEJAMMER
4.Psy - (Pony) Gangnam Style (Slic3skills Gala Mashup) by Slic3skill