Friday, January 18, 2013

Comics: MLP Comic/ Super Pegasi Delivery Service/ Wait, What?/ Planet Equestria/ Silver Linings

Sophisticated Twilight approves of comics.

We have quite a lot this time, including two ongoing series.
Don't let Twilight down and read some comics for your entertainment!

As always, after the break.

It seems to start as a story about Twilight making a fuss about nothing again. Actually, it also continues that way so far.

It's going to be a five-parter with three pages released so far.
Though the original story apparently is fifteen pages long. Demand more!

So Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash decided to open a delivery service? I wonder who's going to be in charge of distributing the mail...

It's just a usual day around Ponyville...
With one little exception.

Sometimes, the truth should remain veiled...
At least two royal ponies think so.

He made a cover page. That means it's a serious thing...
The second series I mentioned. It just started, so you didn't miss anything.
As you can guess from the pic to the left, it's a story about the Apple family. And it doesn't look like it's going to be a happy one...
Link directs you to the cover page, there's an index for the pages.
Part 1 is released.