Saturday, November 24, 2012

Comic Post #61: Sombra's Revenge / The Plan / A Cat on Tumblr / Breaking Babs / Hoof Trick

Blergh by ~ThunderElemental

Bab seed! Bab seed! What we gonna do-oh, sorry. I was too busy singing this freaking awesome song from the episode today. One of my top 7 for sure. Comics after the break.

1. Comic: Sombra's Revenge by ~ProsaurusRex

Haha, I just noticed that Sombra's masquera is shaped like stairs. Artist went full circle there.
2. The Plan by *theflashguy

Pinkie, please don't eat it.
3. A Cat on Tumblr by *theflashguy

Staff antics seem to be more and more common. Remember when we didn't even know what Andrea Libman looked like? Check the description for who's who.
4. Breaking Babs by *Karzahnii

Breaking Babs... I see what you did there. Artists really seem to be taking the CMC plot to the extreme this morning.
5. Hoof trick by ~SchizoPie

My reaction was a combination of Twilight's and Applejack's. Please make the terrifying stop!