Sunday, December 23, 2012

Apple Family Reunion Episode Review

Everyone have a good episode day?  I hope so, because from here on out, we're going to be following a tightly planned review schedule, designed to squeeze every last bit of fun out of your weak, fleshy bodies.  So, before you drop past the break, I'm expecting you to run outside and give me 500 laps.  I don't care what you're lapping, just do it.  And after you partake in bobbing for apples and some tug-o-war, maybe then I'll let you actually read my review.  What are you waiting for?  Get to it.

It would seem that another Applejack episode is upon us.  Each of the characters' episodes have different feels to them, and Applejack episodes tend to have a more toned down, simpler feel.  What makes this nice in the midst of a season is that it can help cool down after a particularly eventful episode, or just offer a different perspective.  While they may not be my favorites, Applejack episodes can help prevent a season from becoming too repetitive.  Thankfully, this episode is one that fits in nicely with those that came before it, and is able to stand alongside Applejack's best.

Partly because of this.
Apple Family Reunion offers a Twilight-esque Applejack; one who has an almost fanatical devotion to schedules, and tends to get overzealous with with both activities and planning.  While there have been some complaints to the contrary, this Applejack is one who fits in nicely with her previous depictions.  After all, one of Applejack's primary character traits has always been her tendency to bite off more than she can chew.  Here, the reason why Applejack goes overboard with planning is because of her fear of failure.  While it has previously been shown that she hates to admit failure or ask for help, in this episode, she schedules more and more activities because she fears people might grow bored without them, making her responsible for the reunion's failure.  Her character conflict depicted here stems from the same basic flaws her other episodes have relied on.  While I wouldn't mind seeing more sides of Applejack, this episode hardly deviates from her character, and even manages to pull off some character building along the way.

Along with some literal building.
As to the overall composition of the episode, it was competently put together, with a nice song, decent pacing, and an overall good story structure.  This episode, though, did mark the return of the letters to Celestia... and while I do think the episodes are generally stronger without them, it's hardly a game breaker.  It still managed to have a relatively original lesson that tied in with Applejack's family roots, it had good jokes, pacing, and was overall enjoyable.

Applejack episodes:  Fun and lighthearted when not implying dead parents.
While Applejack may be denied the attention that the other mane6 get, she still manages to be a strong character in her own right, and is easily able to carry an episode.  Her episodes offer a simpler, more down to earth side of the show, and I look forward to the next time Applejack takes the spotlight.