Sunday, December 2, 2012

Music: Some Day / The CMC Conclusion / ExperiMental / Pip's Pirate Ship

Oh, its my turn to post? well i need to get Scootaloo a promotion so she isn't stuck wearing that. Have some music while I am away. |past the break for some of the best stuff I've heard|

1) Some Day
2) The Cutie Mark Crusader Conclusion (Original Song) [Remastered]
3) FaceYourFears - ExperiMental
4) Pipsqueak's Pirate Ship [Original MLP Chiptune]

A song that I personally have been waiting for, that turned out better then I ever imagined... (got the heads up from the artist of the background)

Well would you look at that, good ol' EK went back and remastered one of his songs. (livestreams really help as a heads up)

This was the only one I didn't know of prior. but it still has exceeded the requirements set to post and has done so with no skepticism by me (third highest bonus I bestow).

Well I'm back from Cluckin' Bell... and now I'm off to play every 8-bit ship game I have while listening to this on repeat... (That's ship as in the sea vessel not the pony dating service)