Thursday, October 25, 2012

Comic Post #21: Pokemans Pink: Keldo Event / Little House on the Prairie OF HORROR / Kindergarten days 15

Old Friends Reminisce by =shadowdark3

Consecutive comic posts? Guess that's what happens when Sweetie Bot goes to sleep. Random LOTR art to smoothly segway into some pony comics [implying we do comics other than pony (we don't)].

1. pokemans pink: Keldeo event by *CSImadmax

Not gonna lie, that's kind of creepy. But I guess you don't have to take it that way... well, unless your me where my mind forces me to.
2. little house on the prairie OF HORROR! by *CSImadmax

Wait, what?!? Two Mad Max comics in a post? WELL OK THEN. Apple Bloom is best musketeer, pretty much what I took away from this.
3. Kindengarten days 15 by ~CIRILIKO

R.I.P. headphone users. Seriously, I don't think it's physically possible for him to be alive after something so traumatizing.