Monday, October 15, 2012

Mega Music post #2

And when we enter the battle,
think twice, watch what you're doin'.
One mistake that we make
and Pimple and the Princess are doomed!

We got a remix, a song that Will (himself) should remix, some dubstep, and many more!... The break can't stop the music, dude!!!

1. Decibelle - I Don't Ever Leave my Room (Purplefridge Remix)
2. Neglect
3. Equestria's Flower - The Piano Pony Album
4. Resonantwaves - Changeling Hive
5. Replacer (teaser) - KEEP CALM AND CANTER ON
6. TeiThePony - Alone In My Kingdom (feat. MEMJ)
7. Equestrian space - Beyond the horizon
8. MichauDotCom - Mafia 'n' Stuff