Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Music: Night Flight/ BBBFF (mBrooksBrony Remix)/ who I Am/ Skippy N' Me - Luna Tic

You know whos got the power
you know who gos to cast that spell
if were going to take the day
yyyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh (whos got the power)

We got a Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy song from MPallante, a BBBFF remix from mBrooksBrony, an acoustic Fluttershy song from MysteriousBronie, and a ponified version of this song from Clavi Diapason...

1. MPallante - Night Flight - MLP:FiM FanSong - Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy
2. mBrooksBrony - BBBFF (mBrooksBrony Remix)
3. who I Am
4. Skippy N' Me - Luna Tic