Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Random Media: [PMV] - Ignition/ [No Bgm]Pony 2 Pony/ YTP - The Magnificent Trotting Shindig/ Upheaval: Reckoning Chapter 3 (Narrated by Forest Rain)

A random media post, huh? These remind me of Daytime NM, only without the discussions and/or challenges...

Anyway, We got an awesome PMV from Racecarghost, a YTPMV of this from SeishinkaYakushi, a YTP from AverageJoeCinema, and Forest Rain narrating Chapter 3 of the fanfic Upheaval: Reckoning...

1. [PMV] - Ignition
2. [No Bgm]Pony 2 Pony
3. YTP - The Magnificent Trotting Shindig
4. Upheaval: Reckoning Chapter 3 (Narrated by Forest Rain)