Friday, November 23, 2012

Spoilers! Episode 4 speculation/discussion

Don't mind the sad CMC. I am sure they will cheer up tomorrow. Anyways, it is time for another speculation post for the upcoming episode. There wasn't much revealed for this episode, but I will still give my theory on how the episode will turn out, along with the friendship lesson. Go past the break for all the spoilers!

First will be every synopsis given out.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are crushed when Babs Seed rejects their invitation to become a fellow Crusader and instead become a bully.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are crushed when Apple Bloom's cousin, Babs Seed, rejects their invitation to become a fellow Crusader and instead becomes a bully determined to make their lives miserable.

Back in October, MLP head writer Meghan McCarthy told EW that the show’s third season would include a special episode that “explores how you should handle a bully, and sometimes what the source of bullying is.” That episode — called “One Bad Apple” — airs this Saturday. In it, the young Cutie Mark Crusaders are crushed when Apple Bloom’s cousin Babs Seed begins to cruelly target them.

Will the Crusaders prevail over the new bully in town — and might they even end up befriending their tormenter? 

Like I said, not much info was given about this episode.
Here is my theory on how it will go down. 

Applejack will tell Applebloom that her cousin Babs will be staying with them for a while, or maybe even moving to Ponyville. The CMCs will of course be happy to hear this and can't wait to see her. Fast forward past all the inevitable torment the CMCs will go through. Since there are a number of ways to ethically deal with bullies, I see the ending playing in one of these ways. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon will tell Babs 
to do something so horrific that Babs refuses to do it. She then sees the error of her ways. Or perhaps Babs is about to take things too far and DT and SP urge her to stop. Maybe after so much torment from Babs, the CMC finally tell on Babs to Applejack, or just go talk to Babs themselves, thus confronting the problem head on. Maybe the CMCs will break down and cry, which will show Babs how much she is really hurting them. In the end, I am sure Babs will stop being a bully and become friends with the CMCs. She will probally reveal that she was bullied when she lived in Manehattan. Maybe that was the reason she moved in the first place. Hay, maybe Babs will just be a bully the rest of her life. Nah...

HUGE NOTE! I am very sure that Babs will not join the CMCs in very many episodes, or maybe even appear again. There are two ways to have this happen. Either she moves back to Manehattan at the end of the episode, or she gets her cutiemark in the episode. 

I am not even going to begin on the friendship lesson. I say this for 3 reasons. 
1: There are so many possible friendship lessons they could learn, due to the number of ways to deal with bullies.
2. It is not their job to write letters to Celestia. 
3. Do the CMCs really ever learn?

And there you have. Please leave your own theories on how the episode will end and the friendship lesson they could learn. FYI, the last theory post I had was almost 100% correct. Except for the watching paint dry test.

Have some happy CMCs to end the post.