Sunday, October 21, 2012

Comic Post #17: PONIES!!! - 15 / A Tail Too Long / Kindergaten days 13

Superior method.
Pumpkins by *Foxy-Noxy

Though, I'm pretty sure any way Pinkie Pie does things is superior to all others. Like flying a kite, or defying physics. Though, sometimes those two things go hand in hand. Getting off topic is fun! Maybe I should just forget about the comics, More ranting on the header image below.

(I was kidding)

1. PONIES!!! - 15 by ~Turag

Now I'm convicned that all FiM villains do this. Chrysalis probably has Shining Armor and Cadence dolls she stole from their cake. No wonder she wouldn't partake in any cake... the fiend.
2. A Tail Too Long by *wildtiel

And you're telling me that all the times Rainbow bit the end of her tail to pull her they didn't come out? That is one freakin' strong squirrel 

All of us have our own personal priorities Celestia. You have to understand.