Sunday, October 7, 2012

Comic Post #2: Bravo vs. Canterlot 1 / Time Travel Makes Fools of Us / Eagle Eye 02 / Errands

How I feel right now... and always.
Good Morning Applejack! by Frankier77

Comic edition number two! A long and winding road lies ahead of us, so let's get this started right. I assure you, it was merely a coincidence that best pony Twilight appeared in three out of the four comics below... purely coincidence. Nothing suspicious here. Check all four of them out after the break.

 1. Bravo vs. Canterlot 1 by Angerelic

I love this 90's cartoon FiM crossovers. Not only is the art beautiful, but Johnny being Johnny is always fun to watch.

Now where are all the Powerpuff Girls crossovers?!?! I want to see Tara Strong talking to herself.
2. Errands by Karzahnii

I really want to know how Twilight has so many items on her list. She must be Equestria's Santa Clause. Yep, going with that.

3. Time Travel Makes Fools of Us All by SubjectNumber2394

Admit it - you were hoping this would happen during this episode.

4. Eagle Eye 02 by Niban-Destikim

Twilight is like a honey badger when it comes to Canterlot guards  She really doesn't give a... you know what.