Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nightly Megathread #23

Alright, then.  Everyone awake now?  Good.  Heaven knows you wouldn't want to be a stiff like me and sleep through what we have waiting just past the break...

First off, we have a music box.  Why should I care about a music box, you say? Well, have we got a surprise for... yeah, okay, it has ponies in it. 

But you're not here for artistic expression.  Or even cake.  Oh, no.  You're here to see Pinkie play a certain breakout indie horror hit...  At least, I hope your dreams are that specific. 

Oh, god, why does that get me every... Ah, assuming you're still here, I do have a discussion topic:
After having a nice, hearty laugh at the end of mysterious Mare-do-well, the Mane 6 taught Rainbow a valuable lesson, and hung up their capes... leaving Ponyville at the mercy of construction accidents and runaway babies.  So it's obvious we need a new Mare-do-well, since the Mane6 are far too busy learning about friendship or whatever.  So who's going to become the new Mare-do-well?  How will they make their grand entrance?  And... who gets to be Robin?  Go on.  Make me proud.