Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Comic Post #18: Tank Beats Everything / Tug / Don't make Derpii wait / Kingerdarten Days 14 / A rainbow roommate

A monocle. How intriguing.
Evil Monocle Sparkle by ~MrFulp

Could anyone here actually imagine Twilight becoming evil? Well, I could in a heartbeat. I mean, she basically goes crazy in all her episodes at this point. It's pretty much inevitable. I quintuplet of comics after the break.

1. Tank Beats Everything by *J-Z-A

Let me guess, "missing no."? Do I get any points Pokeman fans?

...I know the way out.
2. Tug by *Karzahnii

What have you done Rarity? Now she's gonna start playing Tug-Of-War with her mane every other second!
 3. Don't make Derpii wait by ~MisterBrony

Derpy is best sweat shop overmare.
 4. Kindergarten days 14 by ~CIRILIKO

And that cast just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Soon, he'll run out of existing characters for this series.
5. A rainbow roommate by ~schnuffitrunks

Already on EQD, but still a treat to see it again, no? Psshh, I mean who goes to that site anyway.