Thursday, November 22, 2012

Comic Post #57: Wreck it Celly! / Trixie and Merasmus in "The Assistant" / 'Cause Tomorrow Winter is Here - Alternate Ending / Spitfire's Brother / Admittedly, Cloudsdale is Pretty Clever

Pinkie clone troopers by *Raikoh-illust

Dave should've named the episode "Attack of the Clones" for back to back Star Wars references from the premiere episodes. Er, that it, if they don't mind getting sued by Disney. Now how exactly do they hold blasters again? Oh right, reasons. Comics after the break.

1. Pony 4 Koma - Wreck it, Celly! by *Reikomuffin

"I'm gonna moon it!"
2. Trixie and Merasmus in ''The Assistant'' by ~DiegoTan

Anyone want to help me out with this reference? inb4
3. 'Cause Tomorrow Winter is Here - Alternate Ending by ~MyMiniatureEquine

So let me get this straight:  Rainbow Dash just finished wrapping up winter, and now she's in Cloudsdale carrying a box of snow?! smakes smense.
4. Spitfire's Brother by ~MrBastoff

Does he burritos tons of burritos before a race? That also leads me to question what Spitfire eats...

Puns bring so much joy to my tiny little brain. I'm with Celestia, keep 'em coming (and buck their site director xD)