Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A (small) Music Megapost

Today's list of music:
Nicolas Dominique -- Faster Than Storm -- Trance
Silent Night -- Dear Sister Moon -- Vocal Hard Rock
Sim Gretina -- Where Rich Ponies Go -- Vocal House
Sim Gretina -- Where Rich Ponies Go (Doofcake Remix) -- Vocal Electronic
Counterwise -- Flashbang -- House/Dubstep
174UDSI -- The Queen Of The Night (feat. D'Kelli) -- Vocal House

Embeds after the break

SleepToFade: *sighs* No one cares about the music...
FPLOON: *slaps some sense into Sleep*
SleepToFade: What was that for?
FPLOON: There is always someone who cares about the music... Never forget that...
SleepToFade: I guess you're right...
FPLOON: Good... Now, don't you have a comic post to do?