Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PMVs: The Next Wave

If you want to make the header on DD, just draw Gurren Lagann ponies. I'll find a reason to use it. Another load of PMVs today. These things are coming out like crazy since the finale. Hopefully you'll find something for your tastes.

Lordzelix Leaving Earth Clint Mansell
ScreenMonkeyMan Galaxies Owl City
Lawofthefire1 Another Way Out Hollywood Undead
GuyWithNoNickName The Spectacular Spider-Mare Theme Spectaluar Spider-man
Yami Chan Just Give Me A Reason Pink
Yami Chan Sugar Rush Cash Cash
Mike Pilo When I Find My Wings Mandopony
Dermarss Feel This Moment Pitbull
ComicSansaMS On The Run Pink Floyd
Trident Maniac Bring Me To Life Evanescence