Sunday, December 9, 2012

RUMOR: Possible Discord lines leaked/Nightly Megathread #71

Ok, for a few days now, there has been a huge rumor going around about leaked audio of Discord's lines.
 Before I go any further, I want to make it known I don't believe this, but I would sure love to. However, I feel the need to make a post about this because, 1) The lines that were said are extremely plausible . 2) If the
lines were true, it would make the best episode ever, period. 3) This wouldn't be the first time major info was leaked. 4) What's the worst that could happen if this wasn't true? You get hyped over nothing? Anyways, nothing in this post should be taken as truth until proven otherwise. Go past the break to get your mind blown.

So, supposably someone who was working on sound & audio for SE3 showed someone some audio
files of John de Lancie.

Possible Discord Lines


These were some of the lines:

"Being a pony again wasn't exactly what I had in mind, I would hardly call this a better alternative than being turned to stone."

"Oh you'd be surprised my dear, if things went my way beggars COULD be choosers. That was a fun year, it only lasted an hour."

"On the contrary, I used to be quite stolid, then I got the beard."

"Personally I think it's flattering that you like to dress like me."

"For goodness sake, it's OMNI-omorphic, not AMNI-omorphic! Forgive me if I expected somepony who lives in a library to know the difference between A and O."

"Is that frog... an... orange? OHH! HOHOHO! And here I was under the impression that you didn't like a little creative chaos!"

"You're thinking about this too logically. In order for a spell like this to work you need to bid farewell and adieu to all those pesky little voices in your head that are trying to make sense of everything. See? Pinkie's got the right idea."

"I couldn't decide so I just chose a bit of everything, and wasn't it just beautiful? *sigh* Oh don't give me that look, like you've never gotten carried away with a little magic miss Twilight Sparkle."

"As entertaining as it was seeing you so desperately and hopelessly trying to make sense of nonsense, it did get a little boring after a while. Forgive me if I've retained some of my old habits."

"I was just started talking with this mare here, doesn't she have the most lovely eyes? Ah-Ah-Ah! Don't say anything my dear, let's not ruin the moment."

The major thing this would reveal is that Discord is Starswirl the Bearded

Once again, none of this is proven and none of this should be believed until proven otherwise.
BUT!, what if it was? Lets take the time to look over this and why it may be plausible.

Reasons for plausibility


1) This isn't the first time major stuff has been leaked. on June 21st, major info on the season 2 premiere was leaked. The leak can be found here.
It was in the middle of season 1 and it was someone's friend that had a look at the script for the episode and told him. Nobody believed him, though.

2) John de Lancie  is confirmed for coming back this season

3) The book with the 3 stars and the swirl.

4) The two of the three extra episodes in the Crystal Empire DVD mention Starswirl the Bearded.

5) The background when the mane 6 are being hypnotized resemble stars swirling around.

6) Discord's theater seats have stars on them.

7) Discord travels back in time with Twilight.

8) Whenever Discord teleports or makes things disappear, stars appear.

9) During the last Hearth's Warming, Princess Celestia asked Twilight and her friends to play the lead roles.
Twilight is specifically cast as Clover the Clever, who is Starswirl the Bearded's Apprentice

10) Twi in Luna Eclipsed:"I'm Starswirl the Bearded!"
Possible de Lancie Line:"Personally I think it's flattering that you like to dress like me."
Twi in Luna Eclipsed: You know, father of the amniomorphic spell?"
Possible de Lancie line: "For goodness sake, it's OMNI-omorphic, not AMNI-omorphic! Forgive me if I expected somepony who lives in a library to know the difference between A and O."

11) Discord line: "Oh don't give me that look, like you've never gotten carried away with a little magic miss Twilight Sparkle." Reference to Lesson Zero.

Explanations and Theories


Now for multiple theories which could and probably are 100% false.

"The Starswirl section is the most heavily guarded part of the archive."
If Starswirl is actually Discord, he probably messed with extremely powerful and dangerous spells, such as time travel and Omniomorphic. The Starswirl section is the most guarded because it contains all of the most dangerous spells, all designed by Starswirl (Discord)

What if the hourglass in the Starswirl the Bearded wing is actually a countdown that correlates to Discord being released from his stone prison and turned back into Starswirl?

Starswirl the Bearded was corrupted by dark magic and he became Discord, just like how Luna became Nightmare Moon.

The next level of studies isn't under Luna, but actually Discord

Twilight will begin training in 'darker' magics, or something that seems like that, but somewhere along the way a seed of doubt will be planted in her mind.
She'll question Celestia, question what is right, and even question her friendship. She'll question whether some villains like Discord were truly bad, and so much more.

The end of course would involve her friends pulling her out of this and restoring her sense of right and wrong and what's real and really important.

Starswirl was Celestia's first protege. Like Twilight, he had a powerful grip over magic within himself.
Slowly went mad as he hermitted himself away, doing nothing but studying and working.
Celestia imprisons him in stone, not destroying him in the hope he could be saved one day.
Twilight reminds Celestia much of Starswirl, and for that reason she makes one big change.
She requires Twilight to make friends, hoping it can serve as a way to prevent what happened to Starswirl from befalling her.

Possible Way for Episode to Go


A possible way the episode would play out.
Celestia walks into Starswirl's "lab"
"Ahh! Celestia! So good to see you!"
"You too, Starswirl. How go your studies of magic?"
"Simply splendid! I just invented a new spell, watch"
He effortlessly transforms himself into a dog.
The dog has his beard and eyes
"Pretty marvellous, right?"
"That's... Incredible, Starswirl! What do you call it?"
"The Omniomorphic Spell! I can turn into anything."
He flashes through a few different forms, monkeys, cats, spiders, butterflies.
All of them have his eyes and miniature beards
Flash forward to a few weeks later
Celestia walks into his lab again
He's transforming everything in his lab to soap sculptures
"Starswirl, whatever are you doing?"
>"Oh. Hello. I just got bored and decided to modify my spell. Did you know it's just as easy to transform other objects as it is to transform me?"
He teleports right infront of her
"Y-you got... Bored?"
"Yes. Bored. Magic is great and all, Celestia. But I just wish I could be more... Liberal with it."
"Magic must be kept in check, Starswirl. I've always taught you that."
"Yes yes, I know. But there's nothing wrong with some harmless fun is there?"
"I suppose..."
"Great! I'm going to go and relieve my boredom. Back in a second."
He dissapears
Then reappears a few seconds later
He grins at her
"What did you do, Sta-"
Luna bursts through the door, her coat bright pink
Starswirl cackles manically
"Ooooh, Luna. You're the most fun i've had in a while"
The days roll on and his pranks get worse and worse
Eventually Celestia has had enough and storms into his lab
Only to find a nightmare creature infront of her
"Ahh.. Beautiful, isn't it? I thought, rather than limiting myself to a mortal body, I would just make myself a new one. Rather... disharmonious, isn't it?"
He snaps his fingers and begins a new reign of "harmless pranks" upon the land, with Luna and Celestia powerless to stop him
So ends the descent into madness for Starswirl the bearded.

There you have it. Do I believe it? Not really. Do I want to? YES! Could this all happen? Definitely!!
Source of all this craziness.  Warning!! Foul language and inappropriate are found on the same page.
If any of this is true, we will probably find out in a month or two.

S3E13 Update


Bob here. A bit more information has been revealed about Starswirl in the new episode;

  • His research revolved around alicornification was interrupted.
  • Celestia: "He did not understand friendship like you do."

My theory is that Starswirl's goal was to become an alicorn, a demigod if you will. His wish was granted when he cast his spell on himself, but it had backfired. He became a demigod, not as an alicorn, but as the draconequus now known as Discord.

A few new connections can be made with the new information.

  • Neither Starswirl or Discord knew what friendship was. (until Keep Calm and Flutter on)
  • The spell's initial effect disrupted the Elements of Harmony. It could have had the same effect on Starswirl, screwing up his moral compass.