Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fighting is Magic bite size update : Menu improvements edition

After quite some time, the Fighting is Magic team has once again made an update. The update mostly deals with menu updates, along with other things. Go here to check out the full report, or go past the break for some copy pasta.
Bite-Size Update 12

Menu Improvements edition

You might remember in our last text-filled post, we mentioned the kind of stuff we were working on included Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and some other stuff in the sidelines.

Having already seen RD at Canterlot Gardens, and since nobody in their right mind would want to see Fluttershy (Either that, or she currently consist of a group of low-framecount sprites for the purposes of mechanic testing, and because one of our animators might or might have not just been checked into a rehab center for LoL addiction), we're here to talk you about 

"c) Working on other stuff in the sidelines."

Namely, the fact that, by means of an incredibly complex ritual, parts of which needed ManeSix dancing in circles around an eight-feet statue of Rarity made out of Marshmallows (that we totally didn't have laying around in the secret lab in the basement) for three days in a row, repeatedly chanting the phrase "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Discord Celestia's private garden wgah'nagl fhtagn" and our secret recipe with eleventytwo herbs and spices (Some of which may or may not be poison joke), things that we thought impossible (or at least pretty darnedest hard) became possible.

We'll let you guess just -what- those things are as we show you the mostly-finished-but-still-not-totally-done progress on the Menu screens for Fighting is Magic.

Have not one, not two, not a dozen, but four new and updated menus for the game.

Have you guessed what the new features are yet?

If not, here's a spoiler:

Two of our most requested features have now been added to the game. The option to select your stage before a fight, AND the ability to mute BGM or SFX (SFX still includes Voice acting) in the game via our new options menu, which will also let you set rounds number and the time each round lasts from inside the game, and turn on/off joystick support (Required for some controllers)

In addition, we've been working in some under-the-hood stuff and improvements to the mechanics and the game's handling which should affect it in subtle ways, and make certain things less of a pain for Nappy to implement or tweak around.

And of course, Fluttershy and RD are still being worked on. We're getting closer. It ain't quite home stretch quite yet, but we can see it from here. It's like looking at the home run base while trying to do a touchdown hole in one in the last quarter of the tennis match!... or something.

- Mane6

P.S. No, this doesn't mean we're considering, working on or otherwise contemplating the idea or possibility of having OC creators for the game. We're still disinclined to acquiesce to that request. 


Bite-Size Updates' content is HIGHLY a work in progress, and as such, it might differ more wildly from the finished product than our regular, carefully-planned and gone-over updates do.

Content shown here is meant to give people a better look "behind the scenes" to the development process of Fighting is Magic, and as such, might change in a future (or have changed already); While it gives a great representation of our working process, it might not reflect the final product/live release accurately, due to later mechanic and content change decisions or adjustments.