Sunday, December 9, 2012

Comics: PONIES!!! - 22 / Did You Say Brick? / Let the Hate Flow Through You / Blowing Off Steam / Alarm Clock / Diamond Tiara B

Under Her Wings by *Soapie-Solar

Scootaloo is finally flying thanks to Rainbow Dash! Not exactly in the way we predicted, but hey, there you go. She'll be independently soaring eventually. I still want to know which of the non-winged ponies won that race, even though I already know *cough*Sweetie Belle and Rarity*cough*. Break after the comics.

1. PONIES!!! - 22 by ~Turag

Subtle breaking of the 4th wall? Also, sister(s).
2. Pony 4 Koma - Did you say brick? by *Reikomuffin

I'm more interesting in Rarity's lemon cannon than the PSP conversation. She looks like it just popped into her hands.

3. Let The Hate Flow Through You by *Mickeymonster

Sombra is prepping for the season three finale. He needs to boost his villainous rating so he gets all the fan favorites on board.
4. Blowing off Steam by ~PartTimeBrony

Sounds like me with PS+... and every Tuesday when the PSN store updates :3

I'm assuming winter happens when Celestia decides to sleep in. Eh... but how would that work with the opposite hemisphere? Maybe Equestria is flat.

6. Diamond Tiara B by *SubjectNumber2394