Monday, December 10, 2012

Comics : One more Rock / Rarity in Cotume / Founder Finding Fail / Hierarchy of Responsibility / Hearth's Warming Eve / What a Great entrance / Pet time

Have some early morning comics to start your day. We got hard labor, realizations, Rarity being fabulous, alternate universe, some Star Swirl, and two others comics I am not sure how to describe. Ream em' after the break!

MLP: One more rock (Commissioned) by *tan575

No wonder Trixie had all that money.

Rarity in Costume by *adamlhumphreys

Don't be ashamed, Rarity

Founder Finding Fail by *Evil-DeC0Y

Why is it Twi is the last to realize anything obvious?

Hierarchy of Responsibility by *wildtiel

RD needs to get her priorities stright.

Hearth's Warming Eve by ~RadicalMori

I can't wait for the Season 3 finale.

What a great entrance by *Jowybean

Almost like the mlp comic.

Pet time! by ~CIRILIKO

Hamtaro! When we work together it's much better.