Monday, December 10, 2012

Studly Stallion Stache-Off Tonight

DustyKatt hosted a mustache growing contest to benefit charities for men’s health as part of no shave November. The results are in and are ready to go tonight on his show, "Stay Brony My Friends". Not just DustyKatt will be there, but some of FiM’s male voice actors will be there to help judge. Peter New (voice of Big Macintosh), Trevor Devall (Fancy Pants, Iron Will), Lee Tockar (Steven Magnet, Snips), and John de Lancie (Discord) will be joining DustyKatt and Screwball on their show on Everfree Network. The broadcast will be at 8 PM easter, 5 PM Pacific at Everfree’s livestream. Go past the break for the offical press release. 

Join Dustykatt and Screwball tonight on Stay Brony My Friends as they welcome 4 VIP judges to the show for the finals of the Studly Stallion Stache Off!

  • Peter New, voice of Big Macintosh
  • Trevor Devall, voice of Fancy Pants and Iron Will
  • Lee Tockar, Voice of Steven Magnet and Snips
  • John De lancie, Voice of Discord

Will all be with us LIVE tonight!
Come witness their opinions in upper lip facial hair! Come revel in the awesomeness of the moustache!
Come support Movember and the charities they support for mens health.
Join in on the fun! 5pm PST/8pm EST