Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nightly Megathread #154

And now I want to play Metroid. Anyone know if there's a Metroid-style pony game? First person to link one wins. Concentrated nonsense after the break.

Nothing to post without fear of Daniel Ingram finding and attacking me, so here's an old one (hence the out of date parts).

Hyperdudeman Presents:
DD's Singing Telegram

This is your Nightly Megathread
We hope it finds you well
You're invited to post comments
'Cause we think you're really swell

DD's turning 2 months old
So help us celebrate
The videos will be hilarious
The cakes will be first rate

There will be jokes and roleplaying
And reaction pics to show
And when the posting's over

Forget about your troubles
Even if your life is rough
Nightly's are for having fun with friends
Not worrying about worldly stuff

It won't be the same without you
So post as soon as you can
We'll make this the best Megathread
Since this blog began!

IDW Announces Treasury Edition
IDW has announced a Treasury Edition including all 48 variant covers. Find out more here, courtesy of DHN.


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Video Time: Your Dose of Awesome

Discussion Time:

Alright, this one may seem a little weird, but if you had the power to physically reshape the planet, would you do it? What would you do? Get all crazy in comments below.