Sunday, March 3, 2013

Season 4 Premiere Date... Place Your Bets!

Season 4 is upon us! Well, not quite. We probably have AT LEAST half a year before our beloved My Little Pony returns. So, for something fun to think about over the Spring and Summer, we're running a guessing contest for the air date of Season 4! Find the juicy details below.

It's simple. Below is a list of every Saturday for August through December. All you have to do is guess which one Season 4 will air Episode 1 on. I'm running this on a first come, first serve basis, so make sure to submit your guess as fast as possible. I'll run a follow up post to this one for the official list of  who gets which date.

Here are the dates available:

August 3rd
August 10th
August 17th
August 24th
August 31st
September 7th
September 14th
September 21st
September 28th
October 5th
October 12th
October 19th
October 26th
November 2nd
November 9th
November 16th
November 23rd
November 30th
December 7th
December 14th
December 21st
December 28th

Submit your guess in the comments below. NO REPEATS. As I said, first come, first serve basis. The winner gets a hug from me.

And one more thing... I'm going to laugh really hard when the episode gets moved off of Saturday.