Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Music Hour (with FPLOON)

Street poetry is my everyday
But yo, I gotta stop when you trot my way
If I was workin at the club you would not pay
Aiyyo, my man Phife Diggy, he got somthin to say

Welcome to another "The Music Hour"... I'm almost done finishing off the program for good, so while I unleashed the final blow, here's some music for your listening pleasure...

1. Trygon Cobalt House
2. DoctorQuiroga Babs Seed (End of Our Days Mix) Electronic
3. Le Soldat Pony The Return of Disharmony, Part II Alternative
4. Cherax Destructor Loveshines Ambient (Post-Rap)
5. Trygon Hive House
6. MC Flowny Re-Elevate & Remember Rap (Cover)
7. eXtaticus Morning in Ponyville, Life in Equestria - eXtaticus Eurobeat Remix Eurobeat
8. M Pallante I'm Leaving the Fandom [BronyLlamas] 80's Rock
9. Legendary Leaving The Past Alternative Rock