Tuesday, February 26, 2013

No-Frills News

Not Much time - mods all busy. Here's the news.

Colgate sent in a bunch of Youtube vids:


This comic was missed a while ago but definitely deserves mention:
Quite humorous

The guy who made the first banner for our site has submitted art to a WeLoveFine contest. Go support it if you can!

Someone sent in their fanfic: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/83579/my-limitless-lily
Not pre-read for sake of time, but seems like a bit of a tearjerker. Proceed with caution.

Also as was mentioned in the comments of the last Nightly Megathread, there seems to be a general consensus that the recent convention, Las Pegasus Unicon, didn't go too well... (check the NM comments for details) Thanks for details added by Zirconium_Pants and Jordan Olling A proposal has been Drafted by Andrew Brockert (well-known convention organizer) to make sure this doesn't happen again: many details, and some of the rumors, were compiled by some anons on /mlp/ here. If it unfortunately turns out that the organizers were con-artists, perhaps the information these anons has gathered will help the police find and arrest them. EFR posted an explanation here, and the comments here are painfully revealing. Sweetie Bot likened it to a crossover between The Hangover and Oceans Thirteen... I'd say that may be fairly accurate. LPU has their side of the story up on their website now. And here's a first-hand account of the events at the convention.