Sunday, October 28, 2012

Comic Post #22: Nightmare Noon / The Fangirls / Minka Pie / MLP: Didn't Miss Anything / PONIES!!! - 16

Raincloud is best pony.
God of Thunderp by ~The-Skullivan

...but Derpy's pretty cool too. I still shed a tear every time I see our cumulous hero (referencing Friendship is Witchcraft by the way). In other news, comics are in. I just woke up to five, yes five, comical images, one being a multi-parter! Check 'em out below.

Nightmare Noon by *Foxy-Noxy

Nightmare Night prep gone bad. I can relate.

Part 1   Part 3
Part 2   Part 4

The Fangirls by *DaringDashie

Pretty sure I'm taking this idea for my Halloween costume. It won't be quite as accurate, being human and all, but I'm sure I can pull it off to some degree.
Minka Pie by *AleximusPrime

NO NO Pinkie! Please come back! We need you here for season three.
MLP: Didn't miss anything (Commissioned) by *tan575

Head canon confirmed.
PONIES!!! - 16 by ~Turag

Trixie's expressions are so Trixie.