Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nightly Megathread #190

We have a video for tonight's NM! I thought that since there are now four Alicorns, I should put up a video of what I predict Season 4 shall be like. Check out what it is after the break! (The video is basically it though... so what's the point of typing it?)

Prediction time! I believe that the 4th episode of Season 4, the 4 Alicorns shall terrorize all of Equestria! It makes perfect sense! Doesn't it? *shakes head* Anyway, tonight's discussion will be about what you predict Season 4 will be about! Don't be shy, all predictions have the possibility of being correct! So predict away!!!whoever reads this has 30 seconds to liveOh and another thing... should I start labeling the NMs?