Sunday, November 18, 2012

Comic Post #51: How to Fly a Kite / PONIES!!! - 19 / The Mistake / Kindergarten Days 19 / You Must be... Jousting!.....Sorry..... / Without Words

Happy Derpy by *muffinexplosion

Does entry #51 mean it's season two of comics? Time sure has flown by fast. Actually, scratch that... waiting for season three made time go slower than it's ever gone. Anyway, Derpy is an appropriate header for season two, wouldn't you say? Considering how much I screw stuff up. Round two of comics after the break!

1. How to fly a kite by *muffinexplosion

In Discord's Equestria, kite flies you! In Derpy's Equestria, you fly with kite!
2. PONIES!!! - 19 by ~Turag

Sounds like my parents after my sister got a car and a boyfriend...
3. The Mistake by *theflashguy

I always had a feeling they didn't check as far as they should have. NEW THEORY: every episode has a major mistake that all leads up to the season finale, where Discord is set free because of all the chaos the mane6 have made. It's perfect...

>got to 4th panel
>saw a spider
>ran away

I hate them that much. 

5. Comic: You must be.... Jousting!........Sorry..... by =Photonicsoup

This is an accurate depiction of the result of any re-enactment of a video game... ever.

6. Without Words by *CzudakX

This is what happens when you forget to turn of your swag... and to turn on your scale adhesive.