Saturday, October 27, 2012

Nightly Megathread #28

MLP: FiM - Mortal Pony Kombat by ~SonictheHedgehogPL (modified)

Time for Round one of epic pony fights of the Nightly Megathread. Who will win? Scroll through the content below to find out! (The result will totally not be biased)  Get to clicking!

Applejack starts with some armor
Good for deflecting Rarity's gems.
Apples to Ashes by ~Spaceponies

Sorry, couldn't find any cake (inb4 Radio posts cake in the comments and scolds me for not finding it). At least on DA.

So instead, have some Pumpkin art, imagine it as some pumpkin pie, which is kind of close to cake. My logic. You'll begin to find that even though my name implies I seek out intelligence, I don't even come close.

Derpy Pumpkin by ~PotatoPirate


Rarity uses fabulosity.
Rarity - Fabulous! by =Quanno3

Ehh... can't say I have much for this either. Though I started playing Luna's Pumpkin Launcher halfway through this NM. You might attribute it's lack of content to that.  


'Cause why not? It's the NIGHTLY megathread, after all.

AJ uses BUCK, naturally.
Applejack - Kick by ~Daieny
And Rarity uses... wet mane...?
Damn, she is good at this.
Wet Mane Rarity Vector by =ikillyou121
Also found this at the last second. Source

So who won this (abridged) fight? I personally say Rarity, as fabulosity conquers all. Also, for the long await discussion, what's your favorited FiM episode? A pretty standard question, but I would like to know who to heckle. /kidding

Good night, and good buck...